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The town of San Saba

San Saba is the first town that you start in. It is availible in the free trail and the full version. It consists of 5 buildings which one of is your home.


The saloon in San Saba is called Bob's Saloon. The table is red with stars containing the writing.


The population consists of:

  • Tony Bannon- Black Circled Hat with red band
  • Charlene Jones- Black and White Flower hat
  • Ron (San Saba) Dixie- Black hat teeth string
  • Governor-of-Poker-ss-2

    Bob's Saloon

Fred Scott- Brown hat purple suit

  • Quinn "B" Williams-Grey hat Green Jacket
  • Angelina Hoover- Yellow and orange flower hat
  • Tom Tyler Boots- Round hat pink jacket
  • Francis Hayes-Pink hat


  • San Saba is the only town available in the free trial
  • If you play as a male, all properties are owned by men.
  • There are five men and three women
  • The Saloon is called Bob's Saloon but there is no Bob in San Saba.